The Brew

High profile guests and celebrities chat with host Angela Vithoulkas, insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.


Those who know a good brew, be it coffee, tea or indeed ale, appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce the definitive result. The same could be said for people – because people are ultimately a product of their life experiences. High profile guests and celebrities get behind the café counter and whip up their favourite brew at Sydney's VIVO Cafe. Insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.




Episode #004 - The Brew - Guest Senator Arthur Sinodinos

Angela and Senator Arthur Sinodinos talk about their shared Greek heritage, the ups and downs of political life and the challenges faced by our national leaders.

Episode #003 - The Brew - Guest Jaimie Fuller

Angela talks to Jaimie Fuller, CEO of atheltic compression brand, SKINS. He talks about Lance Armstrong, the Soccer Federation, drugs in sport and human rights. Fuller has created a corporate culture that wants to see global social change. So do we. Kudos Mr Fuller.


Episode #002 - The Brew - Guest Jane Lu

Angela sits down with CEO and creator of online fashion retailor SHOWPO, Jane Lu who shares her inpiring education and business journey. She also shares her tips to help emerging business owners and entrepreneurs prosper. 

Episode #001 - The Brew - Self-Portrait

The Brew with Angela Vithoulkas is an audio-visual show that explores the elements and experiences behind the person, over a Brew. Episode One is a self-portrait, reflecting on Angela's most recent local government campaign and career.




Angela Vithoulkas

Eagle Waves Radio is the creation of Angela, she is a multi-award-winning business owner and a passionate small business advocate. Angela gave Eagle Waves its wings to ensure the voice of small business never flies under the radar. She has produced over 2000 hours.

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