The Brew

High profile guests and celebrities chat with host Angela Vithoulkas, insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.


Those who know a good brew, be it coffee, tea or indeed ale, appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce the definitive result. The same could be said for people – because people are ultimately a product of their life experiences. High profile guests and celebrities get behind the café counter and whip up their favourite brew at Sydney's VIVO Cafe. Insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.






Episode #009 - The Brew - Guest Kate Carnell

In this episode Kate Carnell talks about her career beginnings as a pharmacist, her involvement in mental health, and what she's focusing on in her role as the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman.

Episode #008 - The Brew - Guest Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze, interior designer, co-presenter of Selling Houses Australia, judge on The Block, and ambassador for Intuit Quickbooks reveals how her band career inspired her to become financially organised, discussed her judging style on The Block, and also got her to give us a few design tips.

Episode #007 - The Brew - Guest Kerry Chikarovski

Angela catchs up with one of Australia's most respected and admired former politicians, Kerry Chikarovski who is currently a lobbyist, political commentator, and ambassador for several charities. She is also chairperson of NSW Women's Rugby. We talked to her about how meeting Bobby Kennedy inspired her to become a politician, the highs and lows of her political career, and the sexism she experienced as a female politician.

Episode #006 - The Brew - Guest James Pittar

This week we speak with James Pittar. James is an inspirational figure and a man of immense achievement. He is an ultra-marathon swimmer and has swum the English Channel despite developing an ocular disease as a teenager that rendered him blind.

Episode #005 - The Brew - Guest Dr Kate Adams

Angela sits down with Dr Kate Adams, Owner of Bondi Vet hospital & Founder of Thankly. Kate made a coffee with Angela before going to the booth to discuss the highs and lows of her career, her determination, approach to business and why she founded her startup Thankly.






Angela Vithoulkas

Eagle Waves Radio is the creation of Angela, she is a multi-award-winning business owner and a passionate small business advocate. Angela gave Eagle Waves its wings to ensure the voice of small business never flies under the radar. She has produced over 2000 hours.

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