The Brew

High profile guests and celebrities chat with host Angela Vithoulkas, insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.


Those who know a good brew, be it coffee, tea or indeed ale, appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce the definitive result. The same could be said for people – because people are ultimately a product of their life experiences. High profile guests and celebrities get behind the café counter and whip up their favourite brew at Sydney's VIVO Cafe. Insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.






Episode #019 - The Brew - Guest Michael Brosowski

In this episode they talk about Michael Brosowski, founder of the Blue Dragon Children's Foundation's journey to Vietnam, his charity, and his best tips for turning your passions into business.

Episode #018 - The Brew - Guest Renee Lodens

During this episode of The Brew, Angela and Renee Lodens, founder and Managing Director of Travelshopa discuss Renee's her courageous business journey.

Episode #017 - The Brew - Guest Joh Bailey

In this episode Angela speaks with hairdresser to the stars, Joh Bailey about all the famous people he's styled, how he started out as an apprentice fetching coffee and tea for clients, and then got his insider tips on the hair industry and how to succeed in it.

Episode #016 - The Brew - Guest Alison Covington

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or so the saying goes. These words are more than applicable when it comes to the awe-inspiring Alison Covington, the CEO & founder of Good360 Australia.

Episode #015 - The Brew - Guest Sean Garlick

In this episode Angela talks to Sean Garlick, Founder& CEO of the much-loved Australian Family business Garlo's Pies, about his movie stardom, football, pies, and more.






Angela Vithoulkas

Eagle Waves Radio is the creation of Angela, she is a multi-award-winning business owner and a passionate small business advocate. Angela gave Eagle Waves its wings to ensure the voice of small business never flies under the radar. She has produced over 2000 hours.

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