The Brew

High profile guests and celebrities chat with host Angela Vithoulkas, insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.


Those who know a good brew, be it coffee, tea or indeed ale, appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce the definitive result. The same could be said for people – because people are ultimately a product of their life experiences. High profile guests and celebrities get behind the café counter and whip up their favourite brew at Sydney's VIVO Cafe. Insights are shared, tales told and lessons learned – all over a brew.





Episode #023 - The Brew - Guest Steve Baxter from Shark Tank

This episode of The Brew is brought to you by The American Express Business Explorer Credit Card.

‘Don’t do business without it’

This episode, renowned Shark Tank television judge, experienced entrepreneur and self-described early stage tech investor Steve Baxter stopped by the show.

While his pre-show barista skills left a lot to be desired (sorry Steve!), the father-of-three and former Army member proved to be much more adept in his business capabilities. Over the course of half an hour, Baxter provided countless gems of advice that any budding entrepreneurs would be foolish not to soak in.

Episode #022 - The Brew - Guests Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney

In this episode Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney, co-directors & owners of Business in Heals detailed their extraordinary journeys from country girls to business pioneers and everything in between, as well as the influential role women play in the workforce.

Episode #021 - The Brew - Guest Alan Jones

In this episode they talk about a myriad of topics ranging from sport to politics. Sit back and enjoy this insight into Alan Jones and listen to the inspiring tale of how a would-be farmer became an unflinching advocate for the underdog.

Episode #020 - The Brew - Guest Kerryn Phelps - Part 2

In the second of this two part series, Angela and Kerryn talk about how she approaches mediating issues in politics, the most surprising things, both pleasant and unpleasant, she has come across in her time in politics, her views on immunisation in children and a Q&A with questions sent in by our social media followers.

Episode #020 - The Brew - Guest Kerryn Phelps - Part 1

In the first of this two part series, Angela and Kerryn talk about her early start in medicine, her views on mentorship and collaboration, and how she's still passionate to excel in any work she does.





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