A Podcast that translates Geek into Regular Speak. Tech expert Brett Levy discusses cool tech, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more! 

#TechKnowledgy is a weekly up to the minute technology-focused podcast that speaks to a very broad audience from the super geek to those who just want to catch up on the latest updates in consumer technologies and innovation. Find out more about the latest releases of hot gadgets, innovation in the mobile and wearable space, consumer IoT inventions, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, some AI, with a dab of Blockchain and more.


Episode #019 - TechKnowledgy - How Influential is your Instagram Influencer?

Is your Instagram influencer actually influential?  Brett & Aryeh speak with Dan Anisse and Jack Alpe Co Founders of Lumio Analytics about what to look out for when choosing an Influencer for your next Instagram campaign. They also look at Big v Small when it comes to iPhones and what size should you get.

Episode #018 - Techknowledgy – 8 billion Phones but only 4 billion Toothbrushes in the World

Can you code in JavaScript?  Grasshopper is a fun and intuitive app from Google that teaches you how to code in Java Script.  Brett & Aryeh speak with Nimrod May of Sirin Labs who are building a phone that will secure your crypto life and still be a primary device in your everyday life.

Episode #017 - TechKnowledgy - More than an Office!

Which music platform is right for you?  It's not just about phone type you also need to consider storage vs bigger and better library.  Brett & Aryeh also speak with Tom Fleming, General Manager of WorkInc about shared work spaces and creating an environment people want to work in.

Episode #016 - TechKnowledgy - ARrrr me Mate(y)!!

Playing games is fun – but be careful if they are in Augmented or Virtual environments especially with games like The Walking Dead: Our World a first person shooter game like a Pokemon Go for adults. Aryeh and Brett take a look at the ERL ear buds do you get what you pay for?  

Episode #015 - TechKnowledgy - Clash of the Titans!

Playing free games is fun but like everything – if you don’t actually spend money – you don’t always get the desired results.   Aryeh and Brett speak with Grant Scott an avid Mobile Gamer – especially Clash of Clans - about how spending real money in the virtual or game world is something that just happens!!


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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