A Podcast that translates Geek into Regular Speak. Tech expert Brett Levy discusses cool tech, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more! 

#TechKnowledgy is a weekly up to the minute technology-focused podcast that speaks to a very broad audience from the super geek to those who just want to catch up on the latest updates in consumer technologies and innovation. Find out more about the latest releases of hot gadgets, innovation in the mobile and wearable space, consumer IoT inventions, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, some AI, with a dab of Blockchain and more.


Episode #026 - TechKnowledgy - Big Bad Blue Light!

Do you need a mobile app as well as a Mobile website?   Brett & Aryeh speak about why devices are slowly destroying us, whether you need an app as well as a website and if machines are taking our cooking jobs why can't they do the cleaning too!

Episode #025 - Techknowledgy – Get in the Ring!

Is Streaming or ChromeCasting better?   Brett & Aryeh speak about Google Lens, the pros and cons of streaming vs chromecasting and which one is the superior tool.

Episode #024 - Techknowledgy – Four Men Walked into a VR Room (Again)!

How do you listen to podcasts?  Brett and Aryeh speak with Rebecca Assice the owner of Virtual Room Singapore and Sydney, about what is involved in multi-player VR games and the journey we are all going to take.

Episode #023 - TechKnowledgy - Founders, Geeks and Voodoo!

Are geeks the new superstars of business?  Brett and Aryeh review the ASUS ChromeBook Flip and the Maccas app, and they speak with Claudia Barriga-Larrivere of BlueChilli about finding the right place and team to help startups start and fly not stumble and fail.

Episode #022 - TechKnowledgy - Do Virtual Religious Acts Count?

Would you love to know where the cheapest fuel is closeby?  Brett and Aryeh review the Alcatel V3 an entry level phone that punches above its weight class, they look at Malware vs Viruses, and they talk about VR, SR & AR, and their #AppoftheWeek is 7 Eleven Fuel, which helps you find the best local petrol price before you fill up.


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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