Aus Asia Business Program

Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international Asian trade, investment and development scene providing key insights for SME's.


The Aus-Asia Business Program gives SMEs the knowhow and insights they need to break into international markets across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international trade and development scene. 






Episode #022 - Aus Asia Business - Are your building blocks in place to help in the Asian market?

Are your building blocks in place to assist to make your business ready for the Asian market?  Stacey chats to Kevin Cheung, Founder and CEO of UNIKC Group and President - Hong Kong Australia Business Association (NSW Chapter) about importing and exporting to Hong Kong and about how a Business Coach can help you grow your business.

Episode #021 - Aus Asia Business - Is your Australian Agribusinesses ready for the Chinese market?

Is your product ready for the Chinese market?  Stacey chats to David Thorn, Founder and Director, Darway Pty Ltd, about why premium products are on high demand in China, and how he helps Australian Agribusinesses get ready to jump into the Chinese market.

Episode #020 - Aus Asia Business - What is “MONEY” in the Aus-Asian Context?

Is recruiting in Asia different to recruiting in Australia?  Stacey chats to Rachael Mah of AusAsia Training Institute about why having a business partner “on the ground” is vital for success in Asia and on how you can manage risk in Asia and the cultural differences.

Episode #019 - Aus Asia Business - Chinese Tourism To Australia Is On The Rise - Find Out Why?

Can cultural nuances make or break business opportunities?   Andrea Plawutsky, Director of Australia China Tourism Connections explains to Stacey why working with those that have deep knowledge of the market and understanding your sector, can be a big benefit.

Episode #018 - Aus Asia Business - How do trade agreements create opportunities for business in other countries?

What is a trade agreement, and how do they make it easier for you to do business?  Alina Bain, CEO of Export Council of Australia explains to Stacey why Trade Agreements open up some great opportunities for SMEs.






Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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