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Episode #003 - The Keep - To touch or not to touch!

Episode #03: To Touch or Not to Touch?

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Michael Byrnes has over 20 years’ worth of experience in employment law, you can only imagine what types of cases have come across his desk. He is currently a partner at SWAAB. Michael manages all aspects of employment relations including employment contracts, anti-discrimination and diversity, bullying, performance and conduct and sexual harassment.

Greg talks to our resident expert, Michael on how employers need to create a culture that no longer tolerates powerful people behaving badly. Today we delve into unacceptable conduct within the work place and the implications of employment law.

The social impact of the #Metoo movement started a shocking chain of reactions, revealing the real magnitude of the problem. Its about legal issues and legal liability companies have to step up.

It’s about changing employment culture and to stop treating powerful people as an untouchable protected species.

In this episode Michael covers:

  • The culture changes that must be implemented within businesses
  • The social impact of the #Metoo movement
  • Why implementing training is important?
  • The impact of power structures within the workplace- What is it and how does it work?
  • Creating the right processes to follow when complaints are made and to follow through.
  • Encouraging people to come forward by empowering employees
  • How work place conduct contributes to employee experience
  • Creating the right employee experience through the culture and behaviours in the workplace.


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