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Episode #016 - The Keep - Theory of Constraints

Episode #16 - Theory of Constraints

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David Hodes, founder of Ensemble Consulting Group. Helping large organisations systemically improve production. With an engineer’s mindset and systems thinker’s perspective, his prime focus is the #TheoryOfConstraints Methodology. David is an accomplished author, his book ‘More Than Just Work’. “Hearing the soft stuff by an engineer schooled in the hard stuff."

This week on ‘The Keep’, Greg Weiss the #KeepMaster sits down with David, to discuss how to help employees feel connected to a purpose within the organisation, how this adds to the employee experience. Employees in the workplace need to feel safe, to allow them to grow and learn based off the idea of the golden rule; “do unto others as they've done unto you“.

David dives into how this can be done through continuous learning, as without learning a person or a company won't be able to expand or develop further. David has stated that even as the boss he's had to step back over time and allow for the employees to have a go and learn from their mistakes, so the next time around they'll be able to do it better.

In this episode Greg will cover:

  • How an engineer is now focused on employees to improve production
  • Theory of constraints
  • Learning the soft stuff, from an engineer schooled in the hard stuff
  • More than just work
  • Golden rule
  • Feel safe to make constraints
  • How sometimes you need to make mistakes
  • Organisational learning
  • How continuous learning is important
  • Systems thinking – 3 parts
  • Primacy of the whole – managing the pieces without being connected

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