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Host Greg Weiss, brings together experts from around the world sharing their insights on creating amazing employee experiences.


Episode #001 - The Keep. - The Keep Master

Pilot Episode: The Keep Master 

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Chief Eagle Angela Vithoulkas puts the hard word on Greg Weiss – creator and host of our new podcast series The Keep. The Employee Experience Podcast. If you think you know the ins and outs of human resources then think again. Completing the paperwork isn’t enough anymore or dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. “The employee experience” can make a new employee great and strengthen the success of the business. Greg’s expert advice and experience in delivering innovative onboarding and offboarding solutions has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers.

“Start Strong Finish Strong” creating the best employee experience for your people and company. Greg’s company CareerSupport365 creates programs for onboarding and offboarding to support you throughout your career from start to finish. Greg realised a few years ago that outplacement was a very important service however was not well delivered. CareerSupport365 makes it easy for employers. The Keep. will engage and with experts who can bring tangible learnings, things that work well and examples of not so well. The listening audience will have an understanding of how to apply these practices. Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman best selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, published in 2011. Interesting read if you get the chance.

Listen to the audio to learn more.

In this episode Greg covers:

  • CareerSupport365 – onboarding and offboarding – what is it? And why we all need it
  • Attracting and retaining people – one of the major game changers today
  • Potential employees educate themselves about their future employer – does it hold the right values and culture – this can be the deciding vote in taking or not taking the role
  • Bad publicity can destroy an actors career. Reputational damage can destroy a business
  • Employers engaging with employees – learn about your new employees professionally and personally. Take the time to get to know them
  • Being made worthwhile – does this impact your choice to stay
  • First impressions count as do last impressions count!
  • Employees can drop out on average within 90 days if not properly onboarded
  • Boomerang employees? Employees who leave and then come back



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Greg Weiss

Greg has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers. Today he is best known for delivering innovative onboarding and offboarding solutions for many of Australasia’s leading employers. Greg is a published author, sought after key note speaker and leading expert in his field.

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