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Episode #011 - The Keep - The Chairman - He Does It His Way!

Episode #011: The Chairman - He Does It His Way!

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The importance of unique culture within any workplace is highly important, as it allows many to find a workplace that they feel comfortable and appreciated within. David Nathan, Non-Executive Director & Chairman sits down at the desk with ‘The Keep Master’ Greg Weiss this week to discuss how the employee experience starts at the top and sets the tone for the rest of the company. Remember having fun is also vital to the work environment.

David Nathan has worn both the hats of CEO and Chairman. Learning the valuable lessons of having a unique workplace culture, especially when David started out as a young CEO in Melbourne. “Working within a competitive industry, you must attract the right people and hire the right person for the position.” David talks to Greg about how looking at the way the world is changing, can bring new innovations into the workplace, this included promoting women to partner positions which allowed for the workplace to attract more women to the firm. Giving back to communities by redirecting the companies to team up with charities and programs to help young people, learning and talking to the people and hiring young millennials through an internship program.

In this episode Greg covers:

  • The relationship between Chairman and CEO – How important is it?
  • Looking after and connecting with your people
  • People who encourage the right behaviour – how this impacts your surroundings
  • Creating a different and unique workplace
  • The tone starts at the top
  • People function within an organisation
  • The importance of effective communication
  • Social aspect – what does it mean in the workplace?
  • Taking it slow and appreciating what you have, why this is important to David
  • Charites and social campaigns, how your company can help young people shine
  • Hiring millennials in this changing environment


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