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Episode #015 - The Keep - So You're Career Confused! WTF Is Next?

Episode #15 - So You're Career Confused! WTF Is Next?

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Greg Weiss, Founder of Career Support 365 is in the hot seat again! Our Chief Eagle Angela 

“Today, it’s not about long-term employment; it’s about long-term employability” quoting our ‘Keep Master’ Greg Weiss. Greg has launched his new book, So Your Career Confused! WTF is Next?. Just a reminder to you folks out there Greg is the Founder of Career Support 365, he has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers. Greg is the “go to guy” for Onboarding and Offboarding. The leading expert in his field.

Diving into a discussion once again with Eagle Waves Radio Chief Eagle Angela Vithoulkas about career confusion; how it happens, what it is and why we question ourselves. 

Together Greg and Angela explore what employees need to look/do to enrich their employee experience. Transitioning into a new role can be when the uncertainty is at the tipping point.  You would think I got the job, it’s a promotion, I’m on my way! But no, uncertainty sets in. If the person has a feeling of un-satisfaction by the current job or industry, what decisions need to be made, especially whether or not to rededicate or relaunch their career.

 So Your Career Confused! WTF Is Next?

In this episode Greg covers:

  • So, Your Career Confused, WTF is Next?
  • Career Confusion – what is it, how it happens and what you need to do
  • Looking at current strengths and weakness
  • S.L.I.M - P
  • Rededicate or relaunch
  • Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Being a life-long learner is key
  • Not about long-term employment, today it’s about long- term employability
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Greg Weiss

Greg has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers. Today he is best known for delivering innovative onboarding and offboarding solutions for many of Australasia’s leading employers. Greg is a published author, sought after key note speaker and leading expert in his field.

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