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Episode #005 - The Keep - Leadership is in our DNA

Episode #05: Leadership is in our DNA

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Andrew O’Keeffe, is director of Hardwired Humans and author of The Boss and Hardwired Humans - Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts, based on true stories revolving around leadership, business and bosses. Andrew has had opportunities to enjoy the famous chimpanzee researcher, Dr Jane Goodall, and speak about the implications of social instincts for leadership to business audiences. In this episode, Greg speaks with Andrew, the man that has travelled around the world to discover the human habits.

Does human instinct impact our leadership skills? Workplaces are not our natural habitat and mean human behaviour can be unpredictable. According to Andrew understanding our human instincts is fundamental to the role of leadership. Through his many years of traveling, researching, and experience Andrew has identified the key areas which leaders should follow to create a great employee experience.

In this episode Andrew will cover:

  • The workplace is not our natural habitat
  • How human instinct helps to guide leaders
  • Elevating leadership skills and strategies
  • Key areas: organisation design, team harmony and individual identity of people
  • Design our workspace in a functional way based on natural human instincts, to avoid dysfunction
  • The company should focus on two kinds of groups: One being the family unit (consisting of 59 people) and the clan level (no more than 150)
  • The Instinct of grooming. leaders must learn the importance of grooming in order to bond, the relationship with the employee will be harmonious



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