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Episode #004 - The Keep. - It's Family Values!

Episode #04: It's Family Values

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Working with tools, you would think you would know a thing or two, but apparently this is not the case for Peter Lancken, his DIY skills are non-existent! Peter has 25 years’ experience with the Kennards Hire family. His loyalty and commitment to Kennards Hire is very present as we sit down to speak. Peter held a position on the board for 5 years and currently sits as a Non-Executive Director. Currently Kennards Hire is the 7th best place to work in the country and for good reason! Peter was and continues to be an instrumental component in Kennards Hire’s culture.

Greg takes a deep dive with Peter exploring Kennards Hire’s values and culture. Peter joined Kennards Hire in 1994 when the company had less than 100 employees and just 20 branches in Sydney and Brisbane. Today with over 180 locations in Australia and New Zealand, around 1700 employees, Kennards Hire is an iconic multi-generational owned family business.

Both Greg and Peter believe in a “genuine and authentic experience” revolving around a “fair dinkum attitude” that resonates with customers. With an NPS score of 67, their customers acknowledge that exceptional service and advice alongside an authentic experience pays off.

In this episode Greg covers:

  • Not being the biggest but having value in being the best service you can provide is Peter’s advice for gaining new customers at Kennards Hire
  • Peter believes in setting higher standards for competitors to benefit the customer
  • Successful business must be prepared to be tested on their values to assure their core values are aligned with actions
  • “The WHY (behind the values) has to be embedded in the values…and you need to use stories to reinforce that”
  • A focus on knowing the “people” of Kennards Hire and “not staff”
  • Traveling around branches and spending time with employees, being “out there with the troops and genuine engagement” leads to trust and boosting morale
  • Referral from friends and family, people want to come and work for Kennards Hire
  • Hire on cultural fit and you can always train up?
  • Avoid misfits that do not align with the culture and cannot respect the way your business operates best
  • Does success come from values and culture?



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