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Episode #010 - The Keep - Going Green!

Episode #10: Going Green!

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Susan can speak multiple languages, Hungarian being one of them! Check out the teaser video to see!

Susan Werkner is the Managing Director and Founder of Interactive Investor and Green Reports, she joins the “Keep Master” Greg Weiss on his latest podcast. Talking about how putting employees first can be highly beneficial, “What’s your best asset? Your people.”

Susan has worked with companies such as Macquarie Group, Telstra and Commonwealth Bank to reimagine how to communicate with stakeholders and employees. Not only allowing for the companies to become more economically valuable by starting with employees first, but also adding to the employee experience and in due course adding to the customer experience. “Organisations that invest in their company and their people are finding more satisfaction.”

Susan and Greg also discuss how through her work, she has been able to save companies thousands in dollars, in sending out reports by switching from paper to digital. Not only saving money but also becoming environmentally friendly.

In this episode Greg covers:

  • Interactive Investor and Green Report
  • Environmentally friendly, going green!
  • Best assets, your people
  • How a great employee experience can make you money
  • How to communicate with stakeholders digitally
  • Learn about Macquarie Group Code of Conduct
  • Canva & Atlassian, understanding millennials
  • Employee satisfaction causes good performance
  • Employee’s engaged; customers engaged – guess what happens next
  • Companies becoming more economically valuable


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Greg Weiss

Greg has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers. Today he is best known for delivering innovative onboarding and offboarding solutions for many of Australasia’s leading employers. Greg is a published author, sought after key note speaker and leading expert in his field.

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