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Episode #007 - The Keep - Create your own reality

Episode #07: Create Your Own Reality

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Are you struggling to find happiness and cluttering your life with things of only monetary value?

Our host Greg speaks with David Walker who founded CoreTruth, a mentoring and coaching business that assists individuals with finding a deep connection within their core to discover true peace of mind, wisdom and emotional resilience. David was a celebrity hair stylist for Kylie Minogue and Elle Macpherson in the 2000 Sydney Olympics up until he pursued his dreams as a self-realisation coach. During his time as a hairdresser he considered himself an unpaid psychologist, his passion and commitment rests in assisting individuals on their road to self-discovery.

David Walker explores how to find meaning within yourself. Focusing less on materialism, monetary value and growing to view life through a perspective that allows individuals to consider what brings them purpose, joy and fulfilment.

David helps others find their real self through cleaning and uncluttering their life to reveal one’s authentic self. The moment you choose to go on a journey towards self-discovery is the moment you begin your own road to success.


In this episode David covers:

  • Taking control of your life and creating your own reality
  • Why you should unclutter your mental space
  • Uncovering your inner intuition and finding genuine inspiration
  • Why you need to change your perspective on life?
  • Changing from a monetary mindset to a peaceful and spiritual human being
  • Understanding that humans have both an inner energy and spirit and are not just physical bodies
  • Boosting employee experience through the positive outcomes from growing inspiration
  • Creating a comfortable environment for communication which leads to a brilliant employee experience



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Greg Weiss

Greg has helped thousands of people relaunch and accelerate their careers. Today he is best known for delivering innovative onboarding and offboarding solutions for many of Australasia’s leading employers. Greg is a published author, sought after key note speaker and leading expert in his field.

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