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Episode #008 - The Keep - Are you struggling to keep long-term employment?

Episode #08: Are you struggling to keep long-term employment?

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Are you worried about the high rates of rapid redundancy? Are you struggling to keep long-term employment?

Today’s guest Kirby Grattan is the Director of Organisation Capability (OC) at Optus covering an employee base of over 9500 people. She is the results orientated business leader with more than 25 years’ experience in human resources. Kirby’s experience spans from financial services, energy management, Cisco Systems and many more. Outside of work she enjoys playing golf, travelling and is an active Rotarian.

The OC team delivers capability development and digital learning solution to build current and future capability requirements as well as driving Talent Management, Engagement, Leadership Development, Early Career Talent and D&I initiatives across the business. Kirby discusses with Greg the importance of shaping the workforce to achieve long-term goals and how employee experience influences these decisions.

It’s not about long-term employment. It’s about long-term employability!


In this episode Kirby Covers:

  • What is future proofing and why is it important?
  • How to create a fulfilling employee experience, which allows employees to grow, develop and prosper in their roles?
  • The changing aspects of learning in the workplace
  • Practical principles for both small and large businesses
  • The importance and impact of life-long learning and building
  • The future of work and consideration that needs to be taken by all employees
  • How the digital revolution has impacted and improved the workplace
  • Why employees should constantly be reskilling, learning and increasing their flexibility within the workplace
  • How organisational capability creates a positive overall experience for employee



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