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Episode #006 - The Keep - Almost MasterChef

Episode #06: Almost MasterChef

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Robert Migliore is Greg’s expert guest on mental health in the workplace. Robert is the founder of Actevate, an accredited, occupation return to work (RTW) and medical screening provider based in Sydney’s CBD. Robert serves as an advisor to the NSW Government, on health, wellbeing, bullying, harassment and workplace mental health. Robert is passionate about shifting perspectives of mental health, wellbeing and recovery in workplaces. Beginning his career as a RTW specialist for a major insurer Robert is now a lecturer and researcher whose expertise lies in the areas of complex claims profiling, risk and root cause analysis. His career spans over 25 years.

Greg talks with Robert about his business Actevate. Robert discusses the issues surrounding mental health in the workplace.  The stigma that exists. Being presentism in the workplace is being physically present but not mentally present. Society today is open and accepting of mental health however this differs in the workplace, it is still behind. Robert assists and advises businesses how to handle and manage staff with mental health issues. When it comes to mental health businesses are not sure how to handle staff. Employers have the responsibility of engaging employees creating a positive employee experience.

In this episode Greg covers:

  • What mental health is
  • Mental health in the work place
  • How to identify mental health
  • Is your business ready to look at mental health?
  • Being performance managed – is it a work or a mental health issue
  • Mental health in the workplace vs poor performer, how do we tell the difference?
  • Psychosocial safety - what does it mean?
  • Employers now look at job design
  • Understanding and awareness of strengths and weaknesses in employees



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Actevate – The Flags of Mental Illness
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