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Episode #022 - The Brew - Guests Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney

What do you envisage when you hear the names Plummer and Sweeney?

As The Brew host Angela Vithoulkas puts it, “If you thought it was a British TV police series, you’re wrong!”

In actuality, Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney are successful businesswomen as co-directors and owners of Business in Heels. The start-up connects women into collaborative communities both physically and online, providing them with the support and tools needed to advance their business careers.

Despite still being a relatively young set-up, Business in Heels already has over 40 branches, more than 100,000 members and hubs all over the world.

In their chat on The Brew, Jo and Lisa detailed their extraordinary journeys from country girls to business pioneers and everything in between (including working on Disney movie sets and studying the latest trends in man-kinis!). They also spoke at length about the discrimination and inequalities they’ve encountered as women and mothers in business and the need for urgent change.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The inequalities faced by women on an everyday basis in corporate environments;
  • How mothers are subconsciously discriminated against and unfairly looked at as less committed to their jobs;
  • Why it’s most beneficial to undertake an MBA once you’re well established in your career;
  • The full benefits of being a Business in Heels member;
  • The different cultural aspects of being a businesswoman in overseas countries; and
  • What’s next on the agenda for Business in Heels nationally and abroad.

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