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Episode #014 - The Brew - Guests Emily Chancellor and Nathan McMahon

This episode on The Brew, we were lucky enough to be joined by inspirational NSW Rugby 7s player and coach duo Emily Chancellor and Nathan McMahon.

Coming from a background in hockey and netball, Emily admits she was initially enticed to try rugby by the thought of legally tackling someone. She quickly proved to be a natural and has now played the sport for 5 years in both the 15-a-side game and 7s, competing at the World Uni Games and gaining selection in the 2017 Wallaroos World Cup squad.

A former player himself, Nathan first took an interest in the women’s game after watching the Wallaroos play on the world stage. Noticing a major difference in quality between Australia and other nations – largely due to a lack of funding and development structures – he applied for a coaching job in the NSW Rugby 7s set up and eventually became Head Coach.

The commitments the pair make for rugby is astonishing – both work fulltime jobs while training and playing almost every day. Given they’re essentially unpaid volunteers, it may seem unfathomable that they’d dedicate so much of their life to the sport – but Emily and Nathan wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why rugby union is fast becoming one of the most popular sports for young women to play;
  • The staggering difference in funding that women’s rugby receives in Australia compared to leading nations like England and how this effects performance;
  • The new satellite programs introduced into NSW Rugby 7s under Nathan’s watch that are aiding the development of promising young women across the state;
  • Why the quality and media coverage of international women’s rugby 7s will be on par with men’s in the next 20 years; and
  • The astounding daily sacrifices made by female players to play the sport they love.

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