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Episode #011 - The Brew - Guest Taryn Williams

Taryn Williams was just 15 when she began modelling professionally and spent the next 9 years of her life traversing the world for work.

But amongst the glitz and glamour, she grew tired of the modelling industry’s shortcomings. Painstaking long hours, late payment (or sometimes not being paid at all), volatile work settings and a complete lack of support from a professional union were things models were expected to endure.

Rather than turning her back on the industry, she resolved to fix these issues. Taryn started her own modelling agency, WINK, which focuses on creating a positive working environment for its talent. The agency promises payment within 7 days and has revolutionised efficiency within the industry by using new technologies. Taryn’s brilliant entrepreneurship skills have been recognised formally, being named in Smart Company’s ‘Hot 30 under 30’ list.

In addition to detailing her innovative business journey, Taryn told The Brew of her experiences living in Fiji as a child, freelancing as a photographer and producer, her battle with epilepsy, and getting her pilot license at just 16 years old.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The real state of the Australian modelling industry;
  • The challenges Taryn has faced through the different growth phases of her business;
  • What a typical day is like in the life of a modelling agency head honcho;
  • Taryn’s experiences living in Fiji and Korea; and
  • WINK’s next goals.

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