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Episode #004 - The Brew - Guest Senator Arthur Sinodinos

Senator Arthur Sinodinos has never been afraid of being different.

The son of Greek migrants, Arthur told The Brew he was often the most unique kid in his Newcastle schoolyard due to having lunches that consisted of feta cheese and other Mediterranean delicacies in the days before they were popular gourmet foods   – as far from a Vegemite sandwich you can imagine!

The uniqueness of his childhood certainly set him up well for a special career in politics. After graduating from university, Arthur found a calling in treasury. Also heralding a passion for public service, in 1987 he took an opportunity to work as senior economic advisor for the then Leader of the Opposition, John Howard.

After Howard lost the leadership, Arthur went back to treasury and began to thrive. But when Howard was re-elected as leader of the party in 1995, he sought out Arthur as his Chief of Staff; an offer too good to turn down. Howard became Prime Minister in 1997, and as his right-hand man, Arthur became one of the most powerful people in the country.

After leaving his post as Prime Ministerial Chief of Staff in 2006, he became a director with the investment bank Goldman Sachs JBWere and a regional general manager at the National Australia Bank. He reportedly declined an offer to become Australian Ambassador to the United States. However, he resigned from these positions on becoming a senator in 2010.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Rare insights into the close relationship Arthur had with former PM John Howard;
  • What it was like growing up as a minority in Australia;
  • Why Arthur believes that “failure is not fatal”;
  • Arthur’s top tips for small business success;
  • Arthur’s opinion on small business issues; and
  • The biggest challenges Arthur has endured in Parliament.

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