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Episode #015 - The Brew - Guest Sean Garlick

Successful businessman, professional rugby league player, male model, movie star, policeman… Sean Garlick has had one hell of a life!

Garlick stumbled across his first career field by a stroke of luck, spotting a camera crew filming in a park on his way to school as an 11 year old. He was offered the chance to audition for a Captain Crunch commercial and proved to be a natural. His acting career included starring in the 1985 Aussie classic film Fortress alongside Rachel Ward.

He then burst onto the professional Rugby League scene in 1990, representing South Sydney. At the same time as training and playing for the Rabbitohs, he also worked fulltime as a policeman. One of his most vivid memories of balancing the two careers was coming into work after a bad game on the weekend – and copping a barrage of criticism from his fellow cops! After a stint playing for Eastern Suburbs and then returning to Souths, he retired from rugby league in 1999.

Following his retirement, Garlick became involved in South Sydney’s management team, but wanted to explore his interests outside of the game. Garlo’s Pies was born soon after and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Today the business produces over 40,000 pastries per day and retails in supermarkets across Australia.

Garlick stopped by The Brew, and while his coffee-making skills proved very average, he shared some spellbinding stories with Angela Vithoulkas. His tales included dealing with dual careers, his memories of the infamous Super League war, and how Garlo’s Pies has changed from a small business to a huge factory operation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Garlick was forced to grow up quickly as a 19 year old in the police force;
  • The story of how Garlo’s Pies was introduced via The Footy Show;
  • How Garlick almost became a jockey as a youngster – but was too big;
  • Garlick’s small business journey and how he learned on the run;
  • The highlights of Garlick’s rugby league career;
  • How Garlick and his brother moved the business to the United States and the pressures involved;
  • How the flavour of Garlo’s Pies has remained exactly the same throughout the years, despite considerable upscaling; and
  • Why and how Garlick has changed his business from primarily shop-based to retailing in large supermarkets.

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