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Episode #018 - The Brew - Guest Renee Lodens

Renee Lodens can certainly attest to the power of technology. As the founder and managing director of booming online business Travelshopa, a curated guide to the best local fashion shopping in cities around the world, Lodens has carved herself a lane by utilising the connecting powers of the internet.

The concept of Travelshopa was born in 2012. Lodens had moved to Singapore and instantly faced difficulty in finding local clothing designers and independent retailers. Faced with a problem, she decided to create the solution herself. Enter Travelshopa.

The leap to making Travelshopa a reality was made all the more courageous given Lodens isn’t from a fashion background. Instead, her tenacity, self-taught knowledge and willingness to learn have been the bedrock of her success. “You need to have courage to try new things and not worry about failure,” she explained on The Brew.

Despite her business’ meteoric rise – Travelshopa has collaborated with MasterCard, PayPal and Clefs D’or and received primetime television interview slots – Lodens refuses to rest on her laurels. While the booming analytics her website produces are good, she prefers to judge her success on whether her work is “beautiful and inspiring”. Perhaps there’s a lesson in that for all of us.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why resilience is an essential attribute of a game-changing businessperson;
  • How to source out mutually beneficial collaboration;
  • The networking power of the internet and how to use it to your advantage;
  • The need to select likeminded, supportive people to accompany you on your business journey; and
  • Why you’ll need to remain flexible to get ahead in business.

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