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Episode #012 - The Brew - Guest Peter Harmer

The corporate world is perceived to be miles away from the everyday grind of small business – but Insurance Australia Group (IAG) CEO Peter Harmer is bridging the gap.

Harmer believes there are both cultural and physical barriers impeding corporate establishments from properly connecting with their customers, and he’s using the techniques of small business to combat the issue.

So far, he’s introduced the idea of servant leadership to IAG and has orchestrated multiple workshops designed solely to solve customer problems.

Under Harmer’s governance, IAG has also established internal and external hubs to support and learn from start-ups and entrepreneurs, supplemented by a $75M venture fund.  Among the start-ups IAG has invested in are Pocketbook and UpGuard.

During a candid conversation on The Brew, Harmer also told of the new emergency monitoring devices IAG is involved in creating, the challenges of finding a happy medium of work and family, and the value of simply asking the right questions.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why relying on a rulebook in corporate business simply doesn’t work;
  • How to align values and behaviour within an organisation;
  • The new Facebook-like internal program IAG is trialling for employee’s to broadcast their ideas;
  • How small and big business can work together harmoniously;
  • Why it’s often the most challenging and cynical people that really want to make a difference to an organisation;
  • The benefits of simplifying a business plan; and
  • Why the smartest person in the room often isn’t the most knowledgeable, but the one who asks the right questions.

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