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Episode #013 - The Brew - Guest Paul Gallen

We know him as a rugby league legend: the courageous Cronulla Sharks captain, NSW Origin great and premiership-winning hero.

But away from the field, Paul Gallen has long been educating himself and preparing for life beyond the game.

In the early years of his career, driven by a constant fear of not receiving another playing contract, Gallen completed personal training and real estate courses to widen his options outside of football.

History shows that he’s never needed to use those qualifications, going on to become one of the finest players of the modern era. However, Gallen’s passion for broadening his horizons has remained, including adding a business diploma to his CV.

Now 36-years-old and heading into what will likely be the final year of his playing life, Gallen will certainly be well prepared to make the leap into business. His lengthy tenure as captain of the Sharks has, amongst a myriad of other things, taught him to deal with all kinds of personalities, how to network at functions and what’s needed to motivate a team.

After making a surprisingly good piccolo, Gallen candidly opened up on The Brew about his career plans post-football, the many parallels between rugby league and business, and how he led the Sharks through the dark days of the infamous ASADA drugs saga.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The need to have a strong leadership group and why you can’t do it alone;
  • How the NRL is assisting players to undertake tertiary education;
  • The full extent the ASADA saga had on the Sharks and Gallen;
  • Why you need to have a trusted circle of advisors;
  • How to approach managing different personalities in a team environment;
  • The status of a potential Gallen v Sonny Bill Williams super-fight;
  • The taxing off-field life of an NRL captain; and
  • Gallen’s hopes to become a small business owner.

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