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Episode #019 - The Brew - Guest Michael Brosowski

For many people, work and passion are completely separate parts of life. But according to Blue Dragon founder Michael Brosowski, it’s entirely possible to make a living out of what you love.

For Michael, that love is helping others and is what inspired the creation of Blue Dragon. The organisation helps provide shelter to over 1,500 homeless Vietnamese kids and has saved more than 660 from human trafficking. Blue Dragon has been duly recognised with multiple awards for activism.

Interestingly, starting Blue Dragon was never in Michael’s life plans. He began a career as a Western Sydney English teacher and gained a deep interest in Vietnamese culture due to the amount of students in his class with roots to the country.  That interest led to many holidays to Vietnam, and eventually, Michael officially moved there.

The Blue Dragon program unofficially began with Michael recognising the amount of young street kids in Hanoi and resolving to do what he could to help. He taught homeless children English from a room in his house, with other volunteers sharing their own knowledge. Eventually, with more kids and volunteers joining, the operation grew so large that Michael had to formalise the activity. Today, Michael describes Blue Dragon’s role as saving kids from crisis.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The inspiring story of a how a community of volunteers banded together to help those in need;
  • How Blue Dragon grew naturally into a large organisation;
  • The raw reality of homelessness in third-world countries like Vietnam and the ever-present dangers that face young urchins;
  • The steps Michael took to formalise Blue Dragon into a fully-functional business;
  • What Michael plans to do next with Blue Dragon; and
  • Michael’s tips for business growth.

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