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Episode #007 - The Brew - Guest Kerry Chikarovski

In her long-standing tenure as Leader of the Opposition, Kerry Chikarovski became one of Australia’s most admired politicians.

Affectionately known to the public as ‘Chika’, Kerry was just 13 when she decided that she wanted to become a politician. Growing up in the U.S during an intensely political time, a chance meeting with Senator Bobby Kennedy inspired her to head into the profession. Her father was also involved in local government and the Liberal party.

After studying law at university, Kerry practised as a lawyer briefly. She then married and had a child, opening a small private practice to make ends meet and pushing her dream of being a politician further on the backburner. Realising her true passion was passing her by, she soon redirected her focus and in 1991 won pre-selection for the Liberal seat of Lane Cove. A steady rise through the Liberal ranks occurred, and in 1998 she was elected as leader of the party.

Since retiring from politics in 2003, Kerry has undertaken a variety of challenges. She is currently a political commentator, lobbyist and chairperson of NSW Women’s Rugby. Kerry was also the second-ever woman appointed to the board of NSW Rugby Union, and is a proud ambassador for The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the world of politics is really like;
  • How Kerry coped after losing her post as Leader of the Opposition;
  • Kerry’s personal political philosophies in regards to small businesses;
  • Why Kerry doesn’t fear failure;
  • How Kerry’s family life suffered as she tried to balance it with her fulltime political commitments;
  • Why Kerry believes politics is nastier now than it was in her day; and
  • How Kerry’s perspective has changed since leaving politics.

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