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Episode #009 - The Brew - Guest Kate Carnell

If there were pictures in the dictionary, you’d be odds-on to find a photo of Kate Carnell next to the word “indefatigable”.

By definition, indefatigable pertains to someone with tireless persistence. That is Kate Carnell to a tee.

A pharmacy owner at just 25 years old, a two-term Chief Minister and treasurer of the ACT, the first female Vice President of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, a devoted mother, ex-CEO and current board member of BeyondBlue, and now the inaugural Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Carnell’s hunger for work is clearly insatiable.

When her child was born a week early, leaving Carnell with no one relieve her role in the pharmacy in time, she simply got dressed and opened up the business herself.

When she wasn’t sharing spellbinding tales of her superhuman feats, Carnell explained the policy changes she has in mind for small business in her current role, how she was first roped into entering politics and why mental health is such an important issue for small business owners.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why banks “don’t like small business”;
  • The big problems stemming from Government lumping big business and small business policies together, and how Carnell plans to separate the two;
  • Carnell’s battle with anorexia in her youth and how she thinks it ultimately made her a better person;
  • How big businesses are duping their smaller contemporaries by skipping out on payments for as many as 120 days;
  • How a group of Canberra businesspeople eventually convinced a reluctant Carnell to stand for Parliament;
  • Why it’s paramount for small business owners to stay on top of mental health problems as soon as they arise; and
  • Carnell’s 5-year plan as the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman and how she plans to give small businesses access to justice; and
  • Why Carnell doesn’t want a second term in the role.

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