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Episode #017 - The Brew - Guest Joh Bailey

Although he’s now one of Australia’s leading hair stylists, Joh Bailey freely admits that he’s never had a plan in his life – let alone a business plan!

But his lack of planning has worked out just fine. Joh is one of the most acclaimed hairdressers in Australia, owns four self-branded hair salons and has personally worked on some of the highest profile celebrities in the world including Kylie Minogue and the late Princess Diana.

His list of achievements stretch long: Joh’s work has appeared on the covers of some of the biggest magazine publications and in many advertising campaigns, he was the official hair stylist for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, and in 2004 he was the recipient of the prestigious Master Hairdressers Award.

On The Brew, Joh gives listeners a rare peek behind the curtain of the cutthroat hairdressing world - telling of how involved he becomes in his client’s personal lives, the difficulties of managing the different personalities of his staff, and the code of discretion when working on A-list clients.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why, despite all his success, Joh wouldn’t become a hairdresser if he had the chance to do his life over;
  • The business challenges of owning a successful hair salon chain;
  • Why Joh doesn’t extensively focus on the numerical aspects of business and instead concentrates on customer service and quality;
  • The A-list clients Joh has worked on;
  • Why he “absolutely” wouldn’t open any more salons – but would consider offering longserving staff the chance to create a Joh Bailey franchise;
  • The ongoing modern evolution in the hairdressing industry;
  • The stylistic differences from salon to salon;
  • Why he purely views his business as “something that’s just there for the client”; and
  • The depth of personal connection that hairdressing can entail.

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