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Episode #002 - The Brew - Guest Jane Lu

With a stacked resume including 1.3 million Instagram followers, countless major awards and an uber-successful global fashion businessShowpo CEO Jane Lu is one of Australia’s most accomplished young entrepreneurs. And now, she can add being a guest on The Brew to her burgeoning CV!

Lu brought her bubbly energy to this edition of the show, making a mean coffee while she was here. It’s hard not to find yourself smiling listening to Lu talk; her fun-loving spirit shines through in her speech.

Amongst other things, Lu shared the hilarious story of when – as an 8-year-old immigrant fresh from China who knew zero English – she was ironically unable to figure out how to find the loo on her first day of school!

But while she certainly livened up the podcast, Lu also revealed a smorgasbord of secrets to help emerging business owners and entrepreneurs prosper.

She also told of the constant insecurities she still faces despite her myriad of worldwide accomplishments, as well as explaining why she chooses to prioritise doing what she loves over constantly chasing revenue.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • How providing great content that isn’t directly attached to your business can be a fantastic marketing tool;
  • The reasons behind why Lu refuses all investment offers;
  • Why creating a “hub” style feel for your business’ customers is key to longevity and loyalty;
  • How to make your business a reflection of your own personality, and why this can be a winning strategy;
  • Lu’s battle with her fear of failure in her formative years, and how she realised that failure is a necessary learning tool for success;
  • How to incorporate your personal interests into your business and make them part of its culture; and
  • How a few too many glasses of red wine led to the global fashion phenomenon that is Showpo.

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