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Episode #003 - The Brew - Guest Jaimie Fuller

This episode on The Brew, we were lucky enough to be joined by Jaimie Fuller - Executive Chairman of international sports compression-wear company Skins.

With Fuller at the helm, Skins has grown to become one of the worlds most trusted and innovative compression-wear providers. The brand is worn by some of the best athletes on the planet and retails to over 40 countries. Focusing on “fuelling the true spirit of competition”, Skins concentrates on adding value to the market and being a compression-wear pioneer.

Fuller’s love for the business stems from his obsession of sport. He grew up playing rugby and cricket - though he describes his abilities as being inversely proportional to his passion!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Fuller went from completely disinterested to cutting a $500,000+ cheque to save the Skins company after just one meeting;
  • Why he quit studying computer science at university after 7 weeks;
  • Fuller’s early days running a printing company alongside his father – and how growth mismanagement led to its downfall;
  • Skins’ plan to launch clothing outside of compressionwear and open a flagship store;
  • The opportunities Fuller sees in China;
  • The challenges Fuller faces in everyday business; and
  • Fuller’s top tips for business success.

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