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Episode #005 - The Brew - Guest Dr Kate Adams

As a revered veterinarian and budding tech entrepreneur, it’s hard to imagine Dr Kate Adams failing often.

But she says that she has failed time and time again – and it’s what’s made her so successful.

Kate was originally knocked back from veterinary school. While disappointed, she instead took up a science degree and studied subjects that would qualify her for her future career. Such was her dedication to studying that she won many prestigious year-end prizes.

She started her vet career in the country, running her own practice for four years. But as a young vet who was on a low salary and endured long, lonely hours, she became burnt out and decided to switch careers. The change saw her start as a receptionist at a local hospital, and she soon grabbed the chance to move into the hospital’s finance department. Consistent promotions led her to working at the Attorney General’s Department in Canberra as an analyst.

After a fruitful stint in government, Kate returned to her veterinary roots and became co-owner of Bondi Vet Hospital. Wanting a further challenge, she decided to launch her own tech start-up company, Thankly.

Thankly sends handwritten cards and gifts on the behalf of clients, aiming to connect people through tangible messages and gratitude.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the rate of suicide is so high in the veterinary industry;
  • Kate’s inspiration for starting Thankly and the struggles she’s faced as a startup;
  • The long, late hours Kate has spent handwriting cards for clients;
  • Why Kate considers learning her biggest strength;
  • Why listening to what people want is the smartest business decision you’ll make;
  • Why personalisation is one of the most important aspects of business; and
  • Kate’s top tips for small business success.

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