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Episode #016 - The Brew - Guest Alison Covington

Alison Covington was a high-flying corporate director. She had it all: a great job, a beautiful family and blissful financial security. And then a severe illness came and turned her life on its head.

Alison’s career as the Managing Director of a major company buying buses across Sydney came to a screeching halt when she began experiencing blurred vision and a loss of senses. After many neurologist visits and an insurmountable amount of pain, she was diagnosed with Cerebral Vasculitis. Treatment involved chemotherapy and other hard-core medications that entailed negative side effects. Not only was she unable to work, she could barely communicate or hold her young children.

But such is her character, she fought back from the brink of death to reclaim her life. The journey back to health from such a debilitating illness is not without daily mountains to climb, and for Alison it took “5 years of fighting to be me again”.

Believing that there “must have been a reason that she survived” her illness, she decided not to return to the corporate world, instead choosing to focus on helping others and leaving a legacy.

An email newsletter from the charitable organisation Good360 USA sparked the thought that there was no organisation in Australia facilitating the provision of goods via charities in the same way. Armed with her past corporate experience of dealing with international contracts and franchises, she realised she had the perfect “box of skills” to start Good360 Australia.

Her target to distribute $1 billion worth of goods to Australians in need is setting the bar high, but if Alison’s past history of overcoming challenges is anything to go by, there is no doubt that she will exceed that target before too long.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Alison’s incredible story of conquering Cerebal Vasculitis against the odds;
  • The daily challenges of family life with a serious illness;
  • How Good360 is changing the lives of Australians in need;
  • How Alison balances her new career and her growing children;
  • The challenges Good360 is facing with rapid growth; and
  • The other businesses Alison is involved with.

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