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Episode #021 - The Brew - Guest Alan Jones

Australia’s number one broadcaster has sat down with the country’s top small business podcast show for a fascinating and at times heated interview.

That’s right; Alan Jones is on The Brew!

The 2UE shock-jock candidly shared his thoughts on a myriad of topics including the state of national politics, everything wrong with sports administration in Australia and his own personal journey from schoolteacher to larger-than-life media personality.

Jones was also scathing of the Government’s support of small business, accusing them of simply not caring and turning a blind-eye to the struggles of SMEs during Light Rail constructions in the Sydney CBD.

In a wide-ranging chat, other conversation topics included Jones’ fruitful tenure as national rugby union coach of the Wallabies, why he relishes fighting for the underprivileged and his ethos for achieving success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Jones’ surprising childhood dream job;
  • Why he chooses to fight for the underdog and never gives up;
  • Why he believes sporting administrations across the country are in disarray;
  • His plans for unearthing a broadcasting successor;
  • The secrets behind his coaching success;
  • The power of accurate judgement; and
  • Why Jones wants the Government completely out of small business owner’s lives.

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