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Episode #043 - Techknowledgy – Time to take some time Out!

Do you take time out to unwind?  Brett & Aryeh chat about the App of the Week 'Pin Out', Amazon allowing Aussies to buy from US again, taking time out, and and they extended an invite to David Francis to come and chat about his and Aryeh's LinkedIn debate.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Technewz with a “z”, and XR.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Pin Out – A super addictive fun take on a never-ending (well till the time runs out) platform style pinball game.
  • #Technewz with a Z – special mention to Wing (part of Google’s Alphabet) for the drone deliveries being done in ACT and Amazon U-turning on allowing Aussies to buy from the US store!
  • In XR – We extend an invite to David Francis to come chat about his and Aryeh’s LinkedIn debate and offering grants totaling US$50m for developers!

Sometime typing can be as brutal as a pinball being bounced around. Drone delivery services are still not quite there but close and shopping is truly a global deal


Three Tips:

  • Take a bit of time out to unwind!
  • Your opinions are sometimes not going to be well received?
  • With Amazon’s full site at our disposal lets watch online spending soar!


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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