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Episode #072 - TechKnowledgy - The Bear Necessities!

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I was truly bowled over by our App of the week – BEAR. I couldn’t wait to get out of the studio, download it and start using it. It’s a simple effective note taking app that also allows voice dictation and or single or multi device synchronisation. The cool factor: You can use it via your Apple Watch and talk to it as your walking down the street when you have a thought or idea you don’t want to forget. Very Dick Tracey!

Thingz – with a Z! Brett reported in on Fortnite – the game, and that collectively gamers around the world went into meltdown over there massive decision to BLOW IT UP! I believe he called it – “brilliant and ballsy”. I don’t get the whole gamer thing but…..on the other hand I do get Uber Pets. The US is trialling a niche product, Uber Pets for all those peeps who have pets and aren’t allowed entry into ANY vehicle to finally be able to travel with your fury mate.

And something I have long campaigned on and continue to remind the tech world, dirty things happen on line, and now dirty things happen when you stick dirty cables that have a hacking chip in them and then hack your device. Lesson here is DON’T share, don’t care and don’t use hardware that you don’t know where its been.

OK – Its All Geek To Me is up to the letter S. S for Soundcons.

Every week I score The Brett on his ability to WOW me. Mostly he gets 3/5, last week he got an N/A. Listen and find out why???

Soundcons – think emojis with sound, aren't readily available yet, but watch this space. Its going to be pretty awesome when we can make happy and not happy sounds to match our feelings – emotives with emotion you can hear. The very awesome factor is the use for Blind people, or sight impaired. Finally for them the playing field will be levelled.

The downside – how long before The Brett finds a fart Soundcon?

  • The #AppoftheWeek we look at Bear. A neat clean and fully functional note app that does what it does and does it well. We love the seamless synchronization across our “I” devices
  • Google Pixel event was a bit same-same “Apple-esque”
  • #Thingz with a Z – Cool tech and gadget news
  • ” Its All Geek to me”. Brett continues the challenge Angela laid down with the letter “S”.

Brett's Tips:
1. Simple note taking is easy and functional!
2. S is for ……?
Fortnite faded to black!


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