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Episode #028 - Techknowledgy – Sqreem it from the rooftops!

Have your kids started saving?   Brett and Aryeh speak with Rene Raiss of Sqreem Technologies about how you can teach kids how to respect money and there are ways to make calls affordable!

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Screenz with a “z”, the #AandBSplitTest and speak to another awesome Guest.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Spriggy – Its Pocket money 2.0! Let kids see how their hardwork “pays” off! Try it for free for 30 days and here’s the link for $5 bucks free –
  • #Screenz with a Z – we looked at the incredibly low priced but not low specced Alcatel 1C
  • #AandBSplitTest - looking at VOIP vs Telephone – Sometimes cost savings aren’t actually what you think.
  • In XR – special mention to BBC for 1943: Berlin Blitz and Lowes for their Powertools try it VR experience
  • The take away from this episode is that you can teach kids how to respect money and make it fun and rewarding at the same time. Making calls is cool, there are ways to make them affordable (and unbearable) too and before you make any decisions, check the data!


Three Tips:

  • Seeing the money you earn is rewarding
  • Cheap doesn’t always mean bad!
  • Nobody lies to a search engine, we have the data to back that up


Learn more about Rene Raiss – CTO and Co-Founder of Sqreem Technologies:

Rene has two decades in the fields of quantitative and complex system engineering. He began his career with Merrill Lynch Scientific Group in the USA developing first generation neural-network trading and analysis algorithms.



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