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Episode #040 - Techknowledgy – SMS to Bot!

Should I upgrade my hardware?  Brett and Aryeh speak with Ben Pirrie, GM of RunGopher about creating a pretty good emoji of yourself, whether you should update hardware immediately, and how you can make engaging with clients more seamless and painless.

Aryeh and Brett continue their journey through TechNewZ and XR. The app of the week was Bitmoji .

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #TechNewz with a “z”, and XR.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is BitMoji –an oldie but a goodie. With all the focus on emoties and memojis we thought to go with the mainstay that doenst need the latest iPhone or Samsung
  • #Technewz with a Z – Brett got to wax-lyrical about the awesome Apple hardware announcements and the Ekster smart wallet
  • In XR – special mention to more Haptic gloves and Embodied Labs showing care givers what end of life really looks like!

The take away from this episode is that you can make a pretty good emoji of yourself to keep messages fresh, Apple will always make awesome tech (even if only Brett thinks so and sms is tried, trusted and now intelligent too!


Three tips:

  • Create an honest fun Emoji of yourself (this is not Tinder)!
  • Just because the hardware is new doesn’t mean you have to upgrade immediately!
  • If you are going to engage with clients make it seamless and painless!


Learn more about Ben Pirrie – GM of RunGopher:

RunGopher is an SMS / chat mar-tech platform that allows brands to automate thousands of personalised conversations simultaneously. Over 150 brands use us to drive growth outcomes such as; lead capture, lead nurture, call scheduling, web traffic campaigns, web promotions, MPS surveys etc.. A custom designed SMS chat-bot. 



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