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Episode #081 - TechKnowledgy - Smooth as Velvet!

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TechSperts! are at your Service - Angela & Brett bringing a little sanity to our crazy toilet paper crisis! Peeps plenty of toilet paper for everyone. Calm the Farm Down...

App Of The WeekVelvet App Facinating app that helps you create presentations on you iPad. It can do all sorts of things zoom in on pictures and at certain points, add commentary and edit the photos. Creating memories for yourself. This is not a free app- around the $5.00 mark.

Moving onto our Awesome Product Review - Brett is still sad about the San Fran Game Developers Congress cancelled due to COVID-19.  When he was still going he searched the net on how to use his Jabra Headphones with the inflight entertainment. Jabra requires blue tooth and our planes don't have this feature. Come on over Air Fly Pro ! There is a transmit and receive switch. Goes both ways. Can also jack 2 headphones when the kids are sharing a movie on the iPad.

Thingz With a Z - Google Glass Envision This is freaking amazing, Google Glass will see what it is looking at and translate to voice. Blind people get to hear a description of what is in front of them. Very light weight frame.

 Hackers now targeting other Hackers! Clearly there is no rule that hackers don't hack each other. Let's see if we have this right. Hackers are hacking hackers code?  Infecting their tools with malware.. Oh dear.

Amazon Go Grocery also gets a mention. Retailers excited BUT what about the data....



Brett Levy

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