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Episode #075 - TechKnowledgy - Show me your Screen!


For your chance to win an ALCATEL 4 3T 10 AUDIO STATION  +  Alcatel 1T 7 Tablet as well - just answer the following question:

♦ "What starts with 'V' in the 'It'sAllGeekToMe' segment?"


Our Producer has done some research to the meaning of UBER GEEKAn uber geek is a prominent or extreme example of the common geek . Uber, the German word for above or over, has been adopted by English-speakers as a prefix meaning super or ultra; thus, the uber geek is one whose preoccupation with technology goes above and beyond that of the average geek.

Folks - Does Brett deserve the title of Uber Geek? mmmm not sure....Let's see what he has for us on the show today!

#AppOfTheWeek – Jimdo! It's not an app but it is a website builder. For $12.00, that's right only $12.00 for the first year of hosting including the domain, you can build your own website cheap cheap cheap! A challenge has been issued by Brett and challenge accepted by Angela and Tess our Producer.  1st week of December 2019 both of us will build our own website with Jimdo. Brett will judge and pick the winner. Samsung Fold  – Brett held his breath and walked into the store (we won't tell Apple) he held it, played with it and I think he is almost in love with it now! Great for playing games, reading emails.  We talk more about #Apple Air Pods Pro - battery life is 5 hours. How it compares to the original airpods.

#ThingzWithAZ! Headsets that will declare war and kill people. #TikTok countdown to apps building customised devices just for them. In China Tik Tok are selling phones for $400.00.  When you touch it Tik Tok is ready to go. Who cares about a logo? #Facebook,#Instagram and #WhatsApp do.

Apple Affordable Housing is going to solve the affordable housing crisis with a $2.5 billion dollar political donation! To address California's housing crisis. They will work in partnership with the public and nonprofit sectors to address the challenge.

#ItsAllGeekToMe with the letter "V"  is for Van Eck Phreaking digital espionage, hacking it’s the next impossible mission. 

Brett's tips:
No excuse to not have a website now!
V is for ……?
Did Brett fold for the Fold?




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