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Episode #039 - Techknowledgy – Remember without Remembering!

Did you know you can now set and forget?  Brett and Aryeh speak with Tim Nicholas and Silje Dreyer – Co Founders of Get Reminded about how you can now set and forget with their app, they looked at the Alcatel 3T 8" tablet and about the importance of UI and UX.

Brett continues his journey through ScreenZ and UI and UX. The app of the week was Get Reminded

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Screenz with a “z”, and UI and UX.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Get Reminded – I spoke to the developers and co-founders of the app so listen for more
  • #Screenz with a Z – we looked at the Alcatel 3T 8” tablet. A great affordable tablet running Oreo Go – perfect for the kids or even a home companion
  • In XR – special mention to Keiichi Matsuda for Hyper-reality video (we mentioned this before and China’s regional massive investment in AR and VR.

The take away from this episode is that you can never forget without remembering, get tablets that are actually affordable and understanding the importance of UI and UX (User interface and User Experience)!


Three tips:

  • In this modern life – set and forget!
  • Portability can come affordably!
  • When you design , design for your users not yourself!


Learn more about our guests,Tim Nicholas and Silje Dreyer – Co Founders of Get Reminded:

Tim Nicholas has over 25 years experience working in advertising & digital agencies, as well as client-side marketing roles. He has implemented traditional and digital media communications for blue chip brands in most market sectors including travel, finance, health, FMCG and consumer electronics.

Tim runs his own consultancy that works with SMEs and large corporates to improve their online customer engagement strategies, particularly in the critical touchpoints of the company website and social media presence. He is also the founder of a startup called that has been created to help consumers make informed purchase decisions when contracts, polices and important documents expire. The concept also enables advertisers to reach a unique audience that is ‘ready to buy’.



Silje Dreyer has worked as a User Experience Designer for a decade on major projects for the ABC, Foxtel, Telstra and Westpac among others. She loves designing solutions that makes people's lives easier and more effective.

Beginning her career as a programmer in Oslo, Norway in the mid 00s, Silje became interested in the interaction between people and technology and moved to Sydney to study a Masters in Interaction Design that she graduated with Honours.



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