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Episode #076 - TechKnowledgy - Recycle for Good!


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♦ "What starts with 'W' in the 'It'sAllGeekToMe' segment?"


A big shout out to all our Emergency Services Personnel and their families for all the hard work and protection they are giving to our people and homes! We here in Sydney NSW are experiencing the worst catastrophic fires in such a long time! Thank you for putting your lives on the line for us. Thank you for going back day after day to protect our land, our homes and our families.

#App of the weekmyTOMRA – rather relevant with what is going on in NSW. It’s a recycling app. You use this app at the recycling collection points.  You can donate your recycling money to bushfires relief.  myTOMRA now has the ability for you to donate every bottle (10 cents) to the BUSH FIRE Relief & DROUGHT Fund.  Well done – easy way to help.  Collect your plastics today!

#Thingz with a Z – Angela received a notification on #Facebook from Facebook– wishing Angela a “Happy Name Day” being Greek we have a Saint Day allocated to each person on their name day if you are not aware.  Greek name days are bigger than celebrating birthdays! The message to Angela was in Greek and they got the right name! Shock – Very Scary ! How much does Facebook know about you? Facebook if your listening you have crossed the line, this Greek is not happy!

#Thingz with a Z - Whats App & Pegasus – Targets received video or voice call requests from an unknown number - which even if ignored, allowed the spyware, known as Pegasus, to be installed on the device. This allowed users to remotely access everything on the phone, including text messages and location. Specific Indian journalists and activists. WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit against Israeli firm NSO Group, alleging it was behind the cyber-attacks that infected devices in April and May. With 400 million users, India is the biggest market for the Facebook-owned company. Do you use WhatsApp?

#Hacking advertising billboards with hard core pawn on the freeway! What will they think of next!

#Thingz with a Z Twitter – Bans London Election! No political Advertising! Twitter taking it to the next level! Twitter will ban all political adverts on its platform from 22 November 2019, affecting the general election. Jack Dorsey, its chief executive, announced the decision. It will apply globally to all election adverts, as well as ads related to political issues. This means the ban will be in place before the British snap election on December 12. Watch this space geeks!

#Thingz with a Z - Uber Ads Platform – Uber have announced an Uber Ads Platform will be launched selling space inside its Eats app to restaurants hoping to lure in more food delivery orders. They ONLY lost $1 billion in the last quarter!

#Thingz with a Z - Alibaba Singles’ Day 2019 happens every year on 11/11. Shoppers across China splurged $1 billion US dollars in the first 68 seconds – $38 billion on the first day of the week long Singles Day trading! OMG    

#Thingz with a Z - Kepler Communication – 100 megabits per second. #NBN we challenge YOU – can you beat it!

#Thingz with a Z - TCL Plex – Android Phone – fantastic device. $500 phone, mid tier level – 3 cameras. Once again #UberGeek Brett got his hands on one and loved it!

#Its All Geek to me - Brett continues the challenge Angela laid down with the letter “W”.  What will be his score? Wayback Machine. – internet library archive – you can look up old internet sites and see what they looked like! Go back 20 years and see what the websites looked like then! There are over 391 billion web pages saved. Now that's a big library.

Brett's 3 tips:
Recycle and help more than just the environment!
W is for ……?
A mid-priced phone with top tier features!


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