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Episode #073 - TechKnowledgy - Peel the Onion!

For your chance to win an Alcatel 1T 7 Tablet answer the following question:

♦ "What starts with 'T' in the 'It's all Geek to Me' segment?"


KAYO is this weeks App of the Week! It’s a sports app. Not just great value but you can watch every single sport including the #RWC2019 on and streams perfectly from mobile to TV, INCLUDING e-sports, and my personal favourite DARTS. I’m joking of course, its actually Brett’s new found sports love not mine!

Thingz with a Z-

  • good to know that Brett is finally happy with updates for Iphone & Ipads, and his devices are all good. He also said that CATALINA has made his Mac go faster…Who is she?

Good by #iTunes and hello defined categories. Finally podcasts get a category all of our own and not a moment too soon. We are very excited over this!

  • LinkedIn Events – not impressed with this thing, clunky and definitely still needs perfecting. On this both hosts agree.
  • #VPN – the scary aspect of this is that the CEO came out and admitted that they got hacked a year ago, so not so safe and not so anonymous.
  • We discussed how easy it was to hack into the #AutonomousCars by not actually cracking the software, but rather thinking outside the car….if you changed a sign from STOP to go, the car would read the sign and obey it. The disaster unfolds when the rest of the traffic is obeying there road signs and your not. BOOM
  • AI - WHISKEY – what do they have in common? Well, when you buy whisky that has AI as part of its DNA you can follow the journey from the distillery to your palate via blockchain. Which is important if you care, but irrelevant if you don’t. We do.

Its All Geek To Me – this weeks letter is 'T' – t for T.O.R – which stands for The Onion Router. Don’t peel this onion, it will only bring you tears. It’s the dark web browser and this search never ends well.

Brett tells us how to surf the dark web if you really really want to, but its complicated. It is a stand alone device that you can easily dispose of, burner phones, gloves and maybe even use acid to burn away your finger prints! Told you, its complicated.

Brett's Tips:
-Now you can watch sports anywhere!
-T is for ……?
-Using non-digital elements to hack Autonomous cars!


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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