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Episode #017 - TechKnowledgy - More than an Office!

Which music platform is right for you - it's not just about phone type you also need to consider storage vs bigger and better library.  Brett & Aryeh also speak with Tom Fleming, General Manager of WorkInc about shared work spaces and creating an environment people want to work in.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Screenz with a “z” Mixed Reality, the #AandBSplitTest and speak about collaborative working spaces.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Boost Find the Fruit – Another POkemon GO style app that if you find enough fruit on the map Boost Juice will reward you.
  • #AandBSplitTest - looking at the Apple Music vs Google Music
  • #Screenz – The Goophone iX – an android phone dressed up as an iPhone X
  • XR - special mention went to Artist Mark Farid – planning to immersive himself in VR for 28 days and Google for their AR Cancer detecting Microscope
  • Then to wrap it up we chatted to Tom Fleming – GM of WorkInc about how shared and co-working spaces are more than just places for companies to sit and work!!

The take away from this episode is that games are more and more presenting themselves as opportunities to be rewarded. Choosing which music platform to subscribe to goes beyond just the type of phone you have and further what your needs are – storage vs bigger and better library? XR had the usual cool finds and its good to see that AR is appearing in the medical space as well as artisits wanting to embrace VR too. If you are going to spend more than 8 hours a day at work, chose the right place and environment to do it at and if collaboration is your thing – then definitely a shared work space.


Three Tips:

  • There might actually be a “free lunch” out there
  • If music is a big part of your life then chose the right partner and library to compliment your needs.
  • Working environments are more than just offices and desks – you need to take location, aesthetics and neighbours into consideration too.


Learn more about Tom Fleming of WorkInc:

Tom Heads up arguably one of the coolest shared work spaces in North Sydney (if not Sydney as a whole). From its unique architecture to layout of mixed spaces and very cool companies and startups with a great coffee shop in a heritage protected location.



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