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Episode #077 - TechKnowledgy - Make it Friendly!


We have a winner - Congratulations Tony Stevis!

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♦ "What starts with 'X' in the 'It'sAllGeekToMe' segment?"


#AppOfTheWeek - Service NSW - World First! Australia has created a holographic picture on the digital drivers licence! The security measures are through the roof! Brett is excited and blown away with this piece of techknowledgy - it adds layers of security. Just brilliant.  A big shout out to all the Customer Service People - you do an awesome job and Angela I quote "only has good experiences"! Well done peeps.

#ThingzWithAZ - Hacking with Laser Beams! Digital home activator being hacked with a laser beam "Hey Suri" is all you need to beam to be able to gain access. They even hacked a Tesla. Is it time to go off grid – buy a tent and leave all digital devices behind. What is the world going to really look like in 2030 if this is happening now!

#ThingzWithAZ - Apple Card - Apple has a credit card - Men vs Women - Who gets the bigger credit card limit? Well you guessed it right Men of course! It is an ourage once again.  Before they even think of bringing this card to Australia they better fix this "little" hickup fast.

#ThingzWithAZ - Apple your in the bad books again this week with Brett - no web apps, why not?

#ItsAllGeekToMe -  We are up to the letter "X". Hope I spell this right Xenodochial - meaning "friendly to strangers". This is indeed a tech word.  There are 3 main parts of the tech development process:
1. Xenodochial - friendly to strangers (easy to understand)
2. OS - Operating system
3. GUI - Graphical Use Interface 

Angela gave Brett a 4 this week - it's a Greek word and pretty cool.  Brett thought for sure it would be a 5 but nope not happening!

Brett's 3 tips:
Can you truly leave home without a wallet now?
X is for ……?
Laser beams are bad for your eyes and smart homes!



Brett Levy

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