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Episode #058 - Techknowledgy – Lets keep it in Line!

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Do you have a ball map?  Brett and guest host Angela are joined by guest Gai Le Roy, CEO IAB Australia to chat about online advertising standards and still allow for creativity and flexibility in the market, the app of the week is Tenor Gif Keyboard, which allows you to send gifts from any typing app and they they continued with "E" in the "It's all Geek to Me' challenge and there are still some Alcatel 1 smartphones up for grabs.

Brett chats with Gai le Roy as our Guest of the Week, the #AppoftheWeeK, Tenor Gif keyboard, Thingz and the letter “E” in “Its All Geek to Me”.

In this week’s show the #AppoftheWeek, Its All Geek to me, Cool news and tech in Thingz with a “z” and our Guest, Gai Le Roy

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Tenor Gif keyboard – Send Gifs from any typing app on your phone without having to search online or leave the app
  • #Thingz with a Z – A look at Telstra launching 5G and Australia HQ losing their own Domain
  • ”Its All Geek to me”. Brett continues the challenge Angela laid down with the letter “E”
  • Periscope (Follow us on Twitter to see the next preview of the show) use is getting better and as always shot on the Alcatel5V and
  • We still have a couple more Alcatel 1s to give away – so you need to follow us online on all the different platforms because someone is going to win this cool little phone.


Three tips:

  • We need to ensure fair play in online advertising!
  • E is for ……?
  • 5G is Good but is it good for us?


Learn more about Gai Le Roy , CEO IAB Australia

Over 20 years experience working in the media industry in strategy, analyst, research and data roles. Helping businesses combine audience, consumer & commercial trend information.

Specialties include: Consumer behavioural research, audience measurement, data analytics, market revenue analysis, cross media strategy and ad effectiveness research. 



Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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