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Episode #045 - Techknowledgy – Keep Calm and Festive Season On!

Do you start your day out calm?  Aryeh and Brett continue their journey through Technewz and XR, chat about the app of the week 'Calm' and how some inner reflection can be a great start to your day, and they discuss the anti-encryption law, and Mirror's new personal training interactive mirror.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Technewz with a “z”, and XR

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Calm – At this time of the year when we need to reflect and plan for the new year this is a great time to explore Meditation. There is great content and the app is really cool or should I say calming.
  • #Technewz with a Z – Australia’s new (Stupid) Anti-Encryption law, Really? And Microsoft finally giving up on Explorer #RIP
  • In XR – special mention to Mirror’s new personal training interactive mirror and Giant Cranium’s Hidden objects game in VR!


Three tips:

  • Start your day with some inner reflection and set up to be awesome!
  • Mirror mirror on the wall can my friends see it all!
  • Hey Australia we really really don’t want your anti-encryption laws!


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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