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Episode #044 - Techknowledgy – It is O’clock Somewhere!

Do you have a good morning routine?  Aryeh and Brett continue their journey through ScreenZ and XR and the he app of the week was Morning Routine, they chat about the best headset to choose and speak about it always being Whisky time somewhere in the world with James Macrae Brand Ambassador for Ailsa Bay (Williams Grant and Sons).

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #Screenz with a “z”,XR and chat to our Guest, James Macrae.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Morning Routine – A great app to help you start your day off right and with structure. At this time of year when everyone is getting into holiday mode it’s a good idea to start practicing good discipline so when the new year starts you good to go. iOs only but a great app.
  • #Screenz with a Z – Brett reviewed the awesome Jabra 65t Active in ear buds! Punch packing, comfortable, great headset.
  • In XR – Mozilla’s WEB VR browser, Firefox Reality and Royal Navy Captains could pilot their ships remotely using special AR headsets!


Three tips:

  • Having a good morning routine will get you off to a good start!
  • Choosing the right headset for the task at hand is always worthwhile!
  • It is always Whisky time somewhere in the world!


Learn more about James Macrae, Brand Ambassador for Ailsa Bay:

James arrived from Scotland and brought with him a bottle of Ailsa Bay –  the first and only single malt whisky in the world to index ‘sweetness’ perfected using technology, through a data-led distillation process. This revolutionary method was created by Malt Master, Brian Kinsman.

And like you do – we opened it and enjoyed the Sweet Smoke notes!



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