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Episode #025 - Techknowledgy – Get in the Ring!

Is Streaming or ChromeCasting better?   Brett & Aryeh speak about Google Lens, the pros and cons of streaming vs chromecasting and which one is the superior tool.

In this week’s show we will look at the #AppoftheWeek, #TechNewz with a “z”, the #AandBSplitTest and speak about cool stuff in the news.

  • The #AppoftheWeek is Google Lens – A cool app to get augmented info from looking at products or places through the phone (Android Only)!
  • #TechNewz with a Z – Special mention to BankWest for Halo Payment Ring! Amazon Prime now in Australia
  • #AandBSplitTest - looking at Streaming vs ChromeCasting
  • The take away from this episode is that there is more to see in the world than is available just on your phone! Robots are performing eye surgery while Amazon is delivering stuff for a fixed cost. Chromecast is definitely a superior tool in the world of Streaming, especially if paired with a Google Home device.


Three Tips:

  • Use technology to enhance the information and items around you!
  • Gaming is now an official addiction!
  • Streaming with a Chromecast is like flying First Class


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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